Samsung Press Foundation

as of May, 2016

Samsung Press Foundation was established on October 24th, 1995 by Chairman Kun Hee Lee of Samsung Group. His founding principle is ‘Fair and Just Journalism makes the nation and its people prosper and happy’. Chairman Lee has generously donated 10 million dollars* and Samsung Electronics Company has additionally contributed 10 million dollars.


SPF is a public foundation which endeavors to contribute to the development of fair and just Korean journalism. Some of the major programs are as following:


1. Samsung Journalism Awards


SPF confers Samsung Journalism Awards every year. In 2016, twentieth Samsung Journalism Awards were delivered to the distinguished Korean journalists who have done excellent work in their respective fields.


To date, 334 journalists from 124 teams have been awarded Samsung Journalism Awards which are regarded as one of the most prestigious accolades in the field. The prize amount is about 20 thousand dollars to each team of journalists in 6 distinct fields of contest;


Public Agenda Awards: these are given to the print and broadcasting fields respectively, for journalists who have contributed to arousing public awareness of an issue of national and global significance.
Breaking News or Feature Reporting Awards: these are also given to the print and broadcasting fields respectively.
News Photography and News Video Awards: these are also given to the print and broadcasting fields respectively.
Commentary Award: this is given to an outstanding editorial or column writer.
Specialized Journalist Award: this is given to the journalist who has accumulated superb expertise in specific fields such as environment, science & technology, North-South Korean Affairs and so on.
Journalism Innovation Award: this is given to the person or a team who is widely recognized for innovative efforts in production or delivery of news during the previous year.
* For approximation, we apply foreign exchange rate of US 1 dollar : Korean 1,000won


2. Study Abroad program for Korean journalists


SPF also supports one year Study Abroad program for journalists. The program was started in 1996 and so far 290 journalists have studied one year in major foreign universities. It gives valuable opportunity to Korean journalists to experience, travel and learn about foreign countries such as the US, China and European countries, thus helping the development of their own global perspective.


3. Study foreign language program


SPF supports Korean journalists to stay 3 months in self-selected foreign countries to learn respective languages and experience foreign
culture and life. Started recently in 2010, 41 journalists have utilized the program to date.


4. Thematic study abroad program


This program was recently initiated in 2014 and 7 journalists so far have pursued the study of self-selected subjects abroad.


5. SPF has also supported the publication of books written by journalists in their respective fields of interest. To date, 195 books have been published in various fields of study.


6. Other programs


SPF also supports various journalism seminars and forums. The Foundation assists Korean foreign correspondents to be dispatched abroad to study respective foreign languages, supports an on-line foreign language program for journalists, provides on-line general contents study program and opens high school students media camp.


SPF has just started to offer valuable opportunities for foreign correspondents in Seoul this year to make them more familiar with Korean culture, society and economy.


SPF continues to contribute to the development of fair and just Korean journalism to make the nation and its people prosper and happy.